Saving Plays with the FastShare Button

The FastDraw Save File

The plays that you create in FastDraw are automatically saved to your computer's hard drive in a save file. The location of your save file will be C:Users/FastDraw Files, and your save file will be called "Master.fdb". This file can be renamed like any other file on your computer, but the ".fdb" extension must remain the same.



Local Backups

In addition to your FastDraw save file, the FastDraw Files folder also contains a Local Backup folder. This is where your software saves automatic backups of your library, and can be utilized to recover your plays if your save file is ever lost or damaged. If you need to recover missing plays from your play library, please follow the steps in this article.




The FastModel Cloud Server

The FastShare feature in FastDraw is designed to let you save your full library of work to the FastModel Sports cloud server. This mean your plays in FastDraw are saved locally in a file on your hard drive, making your work susceptible to hard drive crashes or theft. Frequently FastSharing your library to our cloud server prevents you from losing your file, and can easily be downloaded to a new computer if you experience a crash, theft, or other incident.

The FastShare button will perform a variety of key actions including saving your plays to your account on the FastModel server, sending your plays to FastDraw Web, and share your plays and playbooks with the rest of your staff, allowing them to access them within their own FastDraw applications.

Each time you draw new plays on FastDraw, you must FastShare to get those new plays to the plays tab in FastScout Web as shown below.

Draw new play:


View on web:

FastShare on FastDraw iPad

The FastShare feature works the same way on the iPad as it does on the computer. You can access the FastShare option by opening the Settings menu in the FastDraw app, and then selecting Sync with FastShare.

Image title

The FastShare Workflow

Effectively using the FastShare feature to view your play library on each device is simple:

  1. When you start FastDraw on your computer or iPad, use FastShare to download changes from any of your other devices.
  2. When you finish working on your new plays, click FastShare to save your changes to the cloud. These changes can then be downloaded on your other devices in the same manner.

Time Stamping

The FastShare feature uses time stamping to check for any changes that you have made to your save file. If your computers or iPads have widely differing times set on the system clock, you can experience some of your changes not saving correctly. Please make sure that your clock on your computers or iPad are all set with the same correct time.

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