Importing FastDraw Diagrams into FastScout

To get your plays into a report on FastScout, first open FastDraw, locate the play/s you want to import, and view that play in the Preview tab by either putting it in a Playbook, or clicking FastPrint.

When viewing the diagram in the Preview tab, screenshot the diagram. To screenshot on a Mac OS computer, click Cmmd+Shift+4 at the same time, and click and drag the crosshairs to capture the area. To screenshot on a Windows OS, search for the Snipping Tool, then click and drag to capture the area, and save as a photo on the desktop.


After taking a screenshot of the diagram, you can locate it on your desktop and rename it. Next, got the FastScout report you are working on, and add an Image/Play Tile.

Once you have added the tile, click "Upload Image", and select the image from your computer.

You can then re-size the tile, which will automatically re-size the image.

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