The Tiles menu has ten categories. 

  1. Text

  2. Image/Play

  3. Section Title

  4. Spacer

  5. Team Stats

  6. Personnel

  7.  Leaders

  8. Recent Games

  9. Custom Table

  10. Depth Chart

Text  - Selecting the Text tile will add a text block to the report. 

Drag/drop the tile on the screen and re-size it by dragging your mouse from the bottom-right corner of the tile.


Click on the default "Text Block" title and start typing to enter a new title. Click the action list bar icon in the top-right corner of the tile to show/hide the header.

As you start typing, you'll notice a text-editor menu appear above. You can adjust the font size, color, style, and insert bulleted or numbered lists. To delete a tile you've added, click the Trash icon in the top-right corner.

To duplicate the tile, click the duplicate icon in the top-right corner.

Image/Play - Selecting the Image/Play tile will add an Image tile to your report as seen below. Click UPLOAD IMAGE to add the image.

After selecting your image, resize and crop the image as needed, then click Save Image.

Section Title - Select the Section Title to add a header/title to the page.  After selecting the Section Title" from the Tiles menu, you can choose the width, background and text properties.

Change the title of the header by clicking on the text. Open the action bar list and click the Settings icon to edit the tile in more detail.


Spacer - Spacer adds a blank tile to create white space on the page. The tile will not print, but will rather show as white space on the final report.

Team Stats - The Team Stats tile has the following five Team Stat options:

1. Four Factors Learn more about Four Factors here.

2. Points per Period - Points Scored and Allowed per period.

3. Individual Boxscore - Box score for a single game.

4. Cumulative Box Score - Cumulative box score for a set of games.

5. Team Stat Comparison - Cumulative stats table showing team and opponent's stats.

Four Factors

After clicking on the selection, the Games and Sample tabs display. The Games tab allows you to select specific games or filter by Conference, Nonconference, Home, Away, Wins, Loses, your Previous Games Against the Opponent, and the team's Last "X" number of games. Toggle to the previous season by sliding the toggle to "Last Season".

After selecting the specific games or filters, click the Sample tab. This previews the information before adding the tile. Next, click Add Tile to add to the tile to the report. 

Points per Period

Individual Boxscore

The boxscore tile has two extra tabs, Boxscore editor and Players.

Click the Boxscore Editor tab to:

  • Change or hide the title
  • Choose specific stats included in the box score
  • Arrange column order by dragging/dropping stats
  • Toggle stats between Average and Total by clicking on them under 'Arrange Column Order'. 

From the Players tab, choose which players appear in the box score.

For any box score in FastScout 2, sort by clicking on the column header. In the example below, I have clicked on MIN to sort by minutes played.

Click the Settings button highlighted below to adjust any settings:

Personnel -  Select the Personnel tile to add statistics for individual players. After clicking Personnel, FIRST, select specific games from the Games tab. Select games from the "My Previous Games Against ..." section,  pre-defined splits, or create your own split by clicking 'Add Custom Split'. Drag/drop the rows in the order you would like them to appear under the 'Arrange Rows' section on the right-hand side.

Toggle to the STATS tab to:

  • Choose specific stats to include in the box score by checking/unchecking
  • Arrange column order by dragging/dropping stats
  • Toggle stats between Average and Totals by clicking on them underneath the 'Arrange Column Order' section

Toggle to the PLAYERS tab to select player(s) to create one or more personnel tiles. SelectChoose the  want to add tiles for and .Add Custom Text (e.g., "Hand: R/L"). Arrange column order by dragging/dropping stats

Toggle to the LAYOUT tab to custom design your Personnel tiles and rearrange and resize the box scores by dragging and dropping. 

Change the tile size between Full and Halfwidth in the bottom-right corner. Click Add Tile to add the box score to your report.

Once the tiles are added, add additional information as needed. Click in the highlighted areas below to add text or upload an image onto the tile.

Click on the Arrange Tile Content button to customize the layout of the personnel tile.

Once in Tile Mode, there are several actions you can take as seen below. You can add text boxes and tables, resize/move boxes, and omit sections.

Click the Settings button in the top-right corner to make additional changes: You can add additional games, splits, stats, and bulk edit player personnel tiles. The function allows you to quickly swap players in and out. 


After customizing your personnel tile, you can click the Save icon to name and save your tile as a custom tile to be used at any time.

Once your tile is saved as a custom tile, it can be added from your Account Custom Tiles menu:

Leaders - Selecting the Leaders tile will allow you to choose between 7 different stat categories:

1. Top Scores

2. 3 Point Shooters

3. Free Throw Shooters

4. Rebounds

5. Assists

6. Turnovers

7. Defense

Click the GAMES tab to choose the specific game(s) to include in the leaders' tile. Once you have selected the specific game(s), toggle to the Options tab to preview a sample.      Additional stats can be added to the tile by checking the box(es) under Show Additional Stats. Each leaders' category will have different "Additional Stats" available. You can arrange the column order, adjust the number of rows to display, and toggle stats between Average and Totals.

Click Add Tile once you've chosen the stat category you'd like to add.

Once the tile had been added, you can move the tile, re-size it, or change the title using the same steps described above.

Recent Games - Selecting the Recent Games tile will show your opponent's 5 most recent games by default, including date, site, and result, and score.

Click the Settings button in the top-right corner of the tile to choose a different set of games to show in the tile:

Custom Table- Selecting the Custom Table tile will add a blank custom table to your report:

Click on the pencil icons next to the Header or Data cells to enter text into the table:

Click the Gear icon in the top-right corner of the tile to add or delete rows and columns from the table:

If you'd like to save your custom tile to use again in another report, click the Save icon in the top-right corner of the tile, then title the tile:

After saving your custom tile, it will be available underneath the Account Custom Tiles menu:

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