FastView Players Edition (Mobile App)


Opponent/Game View

Self Scout/Playbook

FastView includes an iPhone app meant for players and coaches to receive and view videos the Video Coordinator sends them from the FastView Control Room. Once you set your players and coaches up for access, they can download the FastView app from the Apple app store.

Users will see a Sign In screen as seen below the first time they open the app. Check the 'Remember Me' box to skip this Sign In screen in the future.

Opponent/Game View:

After logging in, you'll be taken to the GAME VIEW tab where you'll see a list of upcoming opponents your Video Coordinator has sent films for. Select an opponent to begin viewing film.

After selecting an upcoming game, you'll see the team and player films the Video Coordinator has sent:

After selecting a player-focused film, you'll see a screen like the one below. This includes the player's name, number, photo, position and height. If multiple video clips are included in this film, you'll see dots below the initial video as seen below. 

Click the Play button to begin watching the video. You can watch the video at half or full speed, and you can tilt your phone horizontal to see the video in full-screen. 

Slide your finger to see the additional videos.


While viewing a video in landscape-mode, tap the comment icon in the top-right corner to view any comments attached to the video clip.


Below the video clips, you can view Stats for the player, and notes added by the Video Coordinator.

Hit the back button to select other films the Video Coordinator has sent, such as team-focused film. Notes associated to Team Films will appear at the bottom:

Since the videos download locally onto your device, you can always swipe left on a film and select 'Delete local content' to remove the download from your phone. Re-opening the film after deleting the local content will cause the film to re-download.


Self Scout/PLAYBOOK:

From the Home screen, select the PLAYBOOK tab to view any self-scout films sent by the Video Coordinator.

Any Player Films with you as the subject will appear in the top 'MY PLAYS' section for quick viewing.

Select a self-scout from the list to open and view films.

After selecting a self-scout, you'll see player and team films listed just like you do for Opponent scouts:

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