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To begin creating an opponent scout for a specific upcoming game/opponent, click 'Opponent View' from the home screen:

Title your report and select a team and date. Use the Quick Select menu to select an upcoming regular season game on your schedule. Click Start to get started.

You can edit the title of your scout after creating it by clicking the Pencil icon while hovering your mouse near the title in the top-left corner of the page:

Team Films:

After choosing your opponent, you can begin to add team-focus or player-focused film. Click on the Team Film button to add some team-focused film about your opponent:

The Team Being Scouted field will auto-fill with the team you selected previously.

In the Against field, choose the team your opponent played against in the film you're scouting if applicable.

Enter a Date and Description as needed. Note your description will appear next to your opponent's name at the top of the film.

Add Tags, separated by commas, to categorize your films and easily find them later.
Add Notes to describe the set of clips you will add to this film.

Next, click the Upload button to begin adding video clips as highlighted by the red arrow below:

In the Add Video Clip window, select a .mp4 or .mov file from your computer, and add additional details as needed. Click Add to Scout once complete.

You can click the Upload button again to upload additional clips. Then, check the boxes next to the recipients you'd like to grant access to this scout to as highlighted below:

Expire Films:

Click on the Clock icon next to any film to define when that film will expire. By default, Opponent View films will expire the day after your scheduled game. Toggle to '7 Days after Game' or a specific date as needed. When the video expires, it will no longer be available to view on the recipient's mobile device.

Player Films:

From here, you can add additional team-focused films, or player-focused films to focus on a specific player on the opposing team. We'll take a look at what the player-focused films looks like here. To begin, click the Player FilmĀ button as highlighted below:

Select a player from the drop-down list, and add a description and notes as needed. Click the Upload button to add a video clip, as highlighted by the red arrow below:

In the Add Video Clip window, select a .mp4 file from your computer, and add additional details as needed. Click Add to Scout once complete.

If you do upload multiple clips (which you can do by clicking the upload button again), you can sort the clips by dragging/dropping as highlighted below:

Once all video clips are added, check the recipients you want to distribute this film to. Note you can expand/collapse each film by clicking on the dark-blue banner highlighted by the red arrow below:

Distribute Films:

Once you have added all of your team or player-focused films for this opponent, click the Distribute All button to send these clips to the players & coaches you chose as recipients. There are also individual 'Distribute' buttons for each Film added to your scout. The icon will illuminate yellow when new recipients have been checked indicating you still need to distribute your latest changes to the checked recipients.

Back on your Home screen (which you can always get to by clicking FASTVIEW in the top-left corner), you'll see your opponent scouts, along with the date you distributed the films to the right.


When working on a scout, quickly filter to Team or Player films using the filter drop-down seen below:

You can also filter by Tags that you previously added to your films.

If you do select any filters, your selections will appear in the top-left as highlighted below. Click the x next to any filter to remove/reset it.

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