Recruits Tab

The Recruits tab will list all the recruits that have been added to your team's database in FastRecruit. Recruits can be added on the web-portal one at a time or in bulk, and can also be added from the mobile app. From the recruits tab you can also take notes on recruits, contact them via phone, e-mail or social media, view upcoming games and more!


1. On the Recruits tab, you'll see 2 tabs: All and By Tourney. The All tab will simply list all recruits in your database, while the By Tourney will list the number of recruits you have assigned to each tournament. Selecting a tournament will show the list of recruits assigned.                   


2. Use the search bar to quickly search for specific recruits in your database. You can search by name, class, or any field you've assigned to your recruit such as coach or position.

Adding/Editing Recruits:

1. To add a new recruit to your FastRecruit database, click the + button in the top-right corner.

2. Next, enter any pertinent information about the recruit including name and class. Any custom fields you created on the web will be available as highlighted below as well.

3. To add a photo, select Change Photo, then select either your live camera or your camera roll to choose a picture from.


4. After selecting a photo, move and scale the photo as needed, then select Choose.

5. To add contact or social media links to your recruit, select the correct type as seen below. If you need to add a second contact link of a certain type, select + Add Contact/Social Info.

6. After selecting a type (Twitter profile in the example below), enter the Label such as 'Jack's Profile' or 'Coach Smith's Phone'. The Value should be the actual profile name, e-mail address, phone number, or website address. Select Save to complete.

7. To add a tournament team to a recruit's profile, first select + Add Tourney Team.

8. Next you'll be prompted to select a tournament, then a team to assign the recruit.


9. To edit an existing recruit, first select the recruit then Edit. Make any changes necessary, then select Save to complete.

Recruit Profile:

1. Selecting a recruit will bring up that recruit's profile. From here, you can contact your recruit via phone, text, e-mail or social media. Selecting the Social  button will bring up any social media accounts linked to the recruit. Selecting any of these links will launch to, or any websites you have saved to the recruit.


2. Selecting the mail, text or phone icons will also allow you to contact recruits directly from the mobile app. 

3. From the Tasks menu, you can view outstanding tasks related to that recruit, complete tasks, or add new tasks as needed.

4. The Recruit Details menu will show the school and club teams linked to the recruit. The Recent & Upcoming Events menu will show any upcoming games for the recruit. You can also star games from here to mark certain games as high priority on your schedule.


5. The Notes menu will show any previous notes documented on this recruit by all coaches on staff. Tapping in the Add Note area will allow you to type in a new note on the recruit.


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