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Welcome to FastRecruit! There are two pieces to FastRecruit. Your first step to a great experience in FastRecruit is to log in and set up your account on FastRecruit Web.

FastRecruit Web is the website that allows your staff to identify your Recruits, assign Recruits and Staff to specific tournaments, customize Positions and Categories of your Recruits and much more. The second piece is FastRecruit Mobile that keeps you organized on the road by providing you your daily schedule, automating games and score updates, giving you driving directions, and much more.

This guide will take you through the FastRecruit Mobile piece of the puzzle. If at any time, you have questions or issues, please let our industry-best support team know at

FastRecruit Web can be found here

FastRecruit Web User Guide is on our Support Page

Table of Contents

Downloading FastRecruit from the AppStore  

Logging into the Application  

FastRecruit Mobile Tabs Explained in Short

Schedule Tab 

Recruits Tab

Tourneys Tab- 

Adding Games through the “Game by Venue” Tab

Adding Games Through “Teams By Division” 

FastRecruit Mobile Admin View


Downloading FastRecruit Mobile from the App Store

The application is available in the AppStore.  Search for “FastRecruit” all one word and you will find it with a purple FR icon.

Logging into the Application

You will use the same login and password that you used to log into FastRecruit Web which is available at  If you haven’t logged in there, you can use the same password if you’ve ever logged into FastDraw on the iPad.  If you’ve never logged into any of these FastModel services, you can click the Forgot Password link or click here. Be sure to follow the steps that are sent to your email to reset your password. Additionally, your administrator can also log into the FastModel Admin Portal to reset a password for anyone on the staff.

FastRecruit Mobile Tabs Explained in Short

Tourney View:

Schedule Tab:

Daily Game Schedule. Tells you what games you have “assigned” or “starred” as games you want to see.

Recruits Tab:

See all your team’s Recruits. Based on the information you loaded into Recruit you could see; their names, their class, their club team, notes and any of their upcoming games.

Tourneys Tab:

Shows each recruiting period, the tournaments within those periods (including custom tournaments), the venues of those tournaments, and the games being played at each venue.

More Tab:

Alternate from “Tourney View” to “Admin View”, change your settings, refer a friend, and receive help.

Admin View: Only available for FastRecruit Team Members.

Allows account admins to assign games to other staff members directly from their phone.

Staff Tab:

Shows each of your staff members’ schedule for today, focusing on their schedule at the current time and within the next hour.

Grid Tab:

Visually shows the number of games each staff member has throughout the day.

Tourneys Tab:

Like the Tourneys tab in Tourney view it shows each recruiting period, the tournaments within those periods (including custom tournaments), the venues of those tournaments, and the games being played at each venue. Additionally, it includes the ability to add games to the schedules of other staff members.

More Tab:

Alternate from “Tourney View” to “Admin View”, change your settings, refer a friend, and receive help.

Schedule Tab:

This tab will provide a brief summary of the games you have today or any date you choose.  Additionally, if you click on any game within your Schedule you will be given a brief snapshot of that game featuring the participating teams, any Recruits that are associated with those teams, a map that estimates your travel time to that game (from your current location), and clicking on the map will open the Maps app of your iPhone.  

If you used FastRecruit last year, you will notice that the “Schedule” tab is a combination of the old “Now” tab and the old “My Grid” tabs.


In order to see games in the past or in the future, you can change the date at the top of the tab by clicking on the arrows left or right or by clicking on the date to bring up a calendar to select from.

Games that are shown in the Schedule tab have been “assigned” or “starred” either through the Tourneys tab on FastRecruit Web or through the Tourneys tab of FastRecruit Mobile.

Clicking on any game, such as the Riverside Hawks White 17U (NY) Test vs Mac Irvin Fire Godfather 17U (IL) Test example below, will drill you into more information about that game. Below you can see that this game on the Schedule features a Recruit, Kevin Knox (2017), associated with one of the participating teams, and also displays the location of the game, which is Wrigley Building court 3.

Additionally, from this game screen you can mark the game as attended (click on the “Not Attended” button and it will flip to “Attended”), add Recruits(s) to one of the two participating teams, and view venue map information.

To Add Recruits, simply click the “Add Recruit” icon and select the proper team at the top of the dialogue menu that appears.  Enter in the rest of the information and the Recruit will be added to your system and can now be found under your Recruits tab both on FastRecruit Web and FastRecruit Mobile.  Remember that adding Recruits ahead of time on FastRecruit Web will be how you add the majority of your Recruits, but if you need to add someone on the fly while at an event, this is how you would do it.

Recruits Tab

The Recruits tab will list all of the Recruits that your team is following. Remember you can import Recruits two different ways, through FastRecruit Web or by adding Recruits directly on FastRecruit Mobile.

You can either view Recruits by a long list of their names or by the tournaments they have been assigned to.

In the Recruits tab, you can click on any of your Recruits to view details about that Recruit, view their upcoming games, see past notes and write new notes for that Recruit.  

The notes section will allow you and your staff to collaboratively keep a running dialog on the Recruits.
Additionally, you can add a Recruit’s game to your schedule by clicking on the star corresponding to the game you wish to add.

Tourneys Tab

In the Tourneys tab  , you will be able to see each recruiting period and the tournaments that exist within that date range (including your own custom tournaments). 

Choose and click into the tournament you are interested in working on.

Clicking on any particular tournament will bring you to a screen in which you can search for games by Venue (“Games by Venue” tab) or by Division (“Teams by Division” tab).


Adding Games through the “Game by Venue” Tab:

Adding games to your schedule through the “Games by Venue” area is simple.

  1. Choose the venue you want to search through. For this example, the United Center is the venue (some venues will only have 1 location and others will have multiples).

  1. Now you are shown all of the games scheduled Today at that particular tournament venue.  Clicking on the star below any game will add that game to your schedule. Clicking on the star a second time will remove that game from your Schedule.

  1. As always, you can also click on any game to view the game details, add Recruits, mark as attended, see driving directions, etc.

Adding Games through “Teams By Division” Tab:

Another method to finding and adding games is to look for teams at a particular tournament by Division. This is done by clicking on the “Teams by Division” tab within the Tourneys tab.

Choose the Division you want to search through. For this example, 16U is selected.

Now you are shown a list of all of the teams in that division. For this example, Austin Elite (TX) test is selected.

  1. Now you are shown all the currently scheduled games for that Team. Again in this example the team is Austin Elite (TX) Test. Clicking the star next to any game will add that game to your schedule (which will show on your Schedule tab on FastRecruit Mobile and on Schedule tab in FastRecruit Web). You can also add Recruits to this team from this view.

More Tab

The “More” tab allows everyone to see and adjust their Settings, Refer a Friend, and seek Help.

Additionally, if you are a subscriber to the FastRecruit Team level this tab will be how you

switch between Tourney View and Admin View. The basketball icon denotes which view you are currently on.


FastRecruit Mobile Admin View

FastRecruit Mobile Admin View features are only available to FastRecruit Team purchasers. To learn more about these features please reach out to FastModel Sales at

The FastRecruit Mobile Admin View allows your team’s Account Administrator to control the schedule of other staff members. For example, the account admin can add or remove games from their head coach’s schedule based on a new Recruit being added to the team’s recruiting list. Additionally, they can quickly determine which coach is available at 3pm to watch a certain Recruit.  If you are not an Account Admin but would like to be, your current Admin can add you in the FastModel Admin Portal or you can contact FastModel Support at

In FastModel Admin Portal, click on the “Actions” button across from the coach you would like to add as an admin. Next select “Promote to Admin”.

Staff Tab  

The Staff tab provides a wealth of information including:

1. Shows each of your team's staff members.

  • Here the staff is comprised of Matt Marlow, Robbie Lehman, Ross Comerford, and Vin Bruno.

2.  Shows any games each staff member has on their schedule at the current time (example 2:49pm) and within the hour (from 2:49pm-3:49pm).

3. It lists the overall number of games each staff member has scheduled for today.

  • So Matt Marlow has 2 total games today and 1 game within the hour.

  • Ross Comerford has 12 total games today but none within the hour.

4. By clicking on the message icon at the top right of each staff member’s name you will be taken to iMessage within your iPhone. After sending your message, in the top left corner there is a “Back to FastRecruit” button. Clicking on that will bringing you seamlessly back to FastRecruit Mobile.

Grid Tab

This tab gives admins a great visual representation of what games each staff member is assigned to on any particular day. From there an admin could make plans to add or remove games to anyone’s schedule. This is ideal for assistant coaches who manage their head coach’s schedule or for recruiting coordinators who manage or assist in managing other staff members’ schedules.

1. In the Grid you will see the initials of all staff members who have games scheduled for that day.

  • This staff is MM, RC, RL, VB

2. Show which tournament each coach is at.

  • RL is viewing games at the FM March Madness

  • VB is viewing games at the  St. Louis Slam

  • MM & RC are viewing games both at the FM March Madness & St. Louis Slam

3. Shows what games each coach is scheduled to watch today.

  • MM has games from 8-9, 11-2 and 5-7.

  • RC has games from 8-11, 12-2, at 4 & at 6

4. Shows you where coaches are free, allowing you to fill in games with Recruits you just heard about. 

Tourneys Tab

The tourney tab within the Admin View works very similar to how it works in the Tourney View. You can search either by “Games by Venue” or by “Teams by Division”. Once you find a game you want to add to someone's schedule click the star either from the broad game schedule view or from the game details screen.

  Broad schedule view          Game details screen

Clicking the star from either screen will result in a pop-up menu, “Add to Staff Schedule”. Here you will choose which staff member you want to assign the game to. In the example below, Robbie Lehman has now been assigned to this game. His Schedule tab will now reflect this game. Additionally, the Grid tab will also reflect this game.

As is true throughout the app, within the Admin View, clicking again on any starred game will allow you to remove that game from any staff member’s schedule.


Turning off Notifications:

If you wish to turn off your notifications either permanently or for a specific amount of time you will need to do so at your phone setting level.

Click on “Settings” on your main iPhone screen. Click on “Notifications” and scroll down and click on the FastRecruit purple icon. From there decide what if any notifications you would like. Clicking off the “Allow Notifications” will stop you from receiving any notifications from FastRecruit (game updates, score updates, etc).


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